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Lahore Flying Club focuses on these ....

01. Students growth

One of LFC’s core strength in producing well trained pilots is the capacity building of their students. They have been provided with all the gadgets that could become a source of learning and a knowledgeable experience for them to keep growing at falcon’s pace.

02. Best learning practice

LFC has ensured its students the best learning experience by recruiting the well-educated and trained instructors along with the addition of high end planes to its fleet. This along with other amenities makes LFC the best flying institute of Pakistan.

03. Focus on targets

LFC has devised its academic and flying targets in order to maintain discipline and coherence throughout the course. These targets are being reviewed on weekly and monthly basis.

04. Learning program

LFC has launched its learning program in which flying instructors make their visits and educate different school and college students who aspires to leave a mark in this prestige profession.

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